how to find a niche and make money online with your blog?


i have been searching for years to find a good  niche and have been questioning my self what drive people to come their websites / blog .i had been thinking why only the content ? the bloggers all know that content is king ,writing content is not that easy and even though  you manage to write the content there is no people/traffic  to read the content the way back lies finding the right niche.niche plays a major role to drive traffic.
how to find a niche and make money online with your blog?

i had seen quite a content like

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the best niche i found out for blogger  is writting  about blog itself what makes blog so special is that you can make money and if show the way for others how to make it then you are the best . I have seen most of problogges their nicie is all about seo,blooging,wordpress,socialmarketing,how to make money ..that what people drives to come to your website. most of the visitors that come to your wesite is blogger only.If are reading this post you should have understood that already.

there are other ways to find a niche but you need to skilled enough and if your skilled enough you wont be needing a blog you would have got a job that gives you faster income.sorry to be so dramatic but that the truth. If this post helped to find your niche please sure to comment on this post.