spring crud restful web services

spring crud  restful web services

hi i am going to show how to create a spring crud with restful web services

this tutorial has prerequisite  on how to create a spring  creating spring project structure in eclipse

you can download the project from google drive

also download the spring jars from my goole drive only because i have used some other libraries.

for compilation i had used

1. tomcat 7
2. java 8

we are not using jdbc instead we are using ibatis (ORM)

before importing the project install PostgreSQL 9.4 and create a table that is given below

CREATE TABLE javatospring.student
  myname character varying,
  fathername character varying,
  mobileno character varying,
  email character varying,
  gender character varying,
  address character varying
use same name as it is given

you can see the video on how to create a table in postgres using pgadmin in the below video.

now import the spring crud project into eclipse go to build.xml file in the spring project structure

<project basedir="." default="war" name="springcrud">
    <description>Application build file</description>
    <target name="war">
        <mkdir dir="dist">
        <war destfile="dist/springcrud.war" webxml="web/WEB-INF/web.xml">
            <fileset dir="web">
            <classes dir="web/WEB-INF/classes">
        <copy flatten="true" todir="E:\software\tomcat\webapps">
                <file file="dist/springcrud.war">
now replace todir="E:\software\tomcat\webapps" with your tomcat webapps folder.

now to run the application right click on the build.xml and run as ant built.

note: Run your tomcat server before building your springCrud application.

after the build is successful you should go to browser address bar type

localhost:8080/springcrud . you should see your application running.

sprign crud

spring crud sample output

you can add,delete ,update,show like the above output.